Nikki Palomino - Author

As a runaway, from the streets of NYC to the Strip of L.A., Nikki spent her youth as a grunge punk rock musician, racking up the confusion, frustration and passion leading her to write DAZED (The Story of
a Grunge Rocker), the first in a series of novels about the drug and music culture of the'90s. She learned life, drugs, and alternative music, while touring in a van packed with the rest of the band, equipment, and groupies, playing infamous clubs like CBGB's.

In 2003, Nikki was named Writer's Digest's Best Genre Short Story Writer. She has written stories for print rags, including Nightmares and Blonde on Blonde, along with erotica for Foggy Windows. She has also covered rock and country music for various rags, including Los Angeles Country Examiner, Buddy Magazine and Blast. She studied under feature writers at both the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Post.

Nikki was co-writer and co-producer of Palomino Sisters' 2004 film noir, Baby, and the award-winning dark comedy from 2007, The Rug. 

She is currently teaming up with Steven M. Kalish to write the non-fiction crime book "The Last Gentleman Smuggler". "You've had the Cocaine Cowboys, George Jung, Barry Seal, the Hippie Mafia, and the Biggest Pot Dealer in New York City's History, now you've got Skip, the fulcrum between Panama, Colombia, the US War On Drugs, Rock 'n Roll and Beautiful Women."